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We are all family through faith in Christ Jesus
~ Galatians 3:26
The Fellowship
The Fellowship is a gathering of people.  You can think of it just like the book and movie
Fellowship of the Ring.  In the story people come from a wide array of backgrounds and
unite in a common purpose despite their many differences.

The Fellowship unites us in a common purpose as well.  Don't worry, there aren't any trips
to Mordor planned, but we do  gather with a common purpose.  That purpose is centered
on living in and growing the Kingdom of Christ.  We gather as a group of imperfect people
to celebrate Jesus' victory over sin, seek him together, encourage each other, discuss
how Christ is working in our life, share scripture, and partner in community, ministry,
service, and outreach.

Most church experiences would probably say they are doing the same thing.  So, how are
we different?  There are several ways we try to be different.  Probably the most obvious
is our lack of building and staff.  We meet in a house.  We don't have any professional
ministers or staff.  This is a huge benefit to the fellowship, because there is no financhial
drain on ministry and each person feels a responsibilty to minister and serve.  We also
don't have sermons or a worship team.  Each person is responsible to be used by Jesus to
teach and grow others in the gathering.  We don't take tithes or offerings.  If a need
arises we are generous to provide as Jesus leads with money or service.  We also are
passionate about funding and serving the other ministries of Family Through Faith as well
as other external opportunities to serve.

Perhaps the biggest difference in The Fellowship from other churches is that it is much
harder.  If you go to a building based church it may be is easy to be passive or apathetic
in your walk with Christ.  Many people go to church listen to the worship team and the
sermon, say hello to a few people, and drop a couple bucks in the plate.  In The
Fellowship you will be asked about your walk with Jesus the rest of the week.  You will be
contacted multiple times a week.  You will be expected to share honestly about struggles
and successes.  We don't expect you to show up with all the answers or to share your
deepest darkest secrets as an entrance exam.  If you are involved in the fellowship then
over time comfort to be open will develop.  Being involved with The Fellowship will take
more of your time than just gathering on Sundays.

Everyone is welcome at The Fellowship.  We don't care who you are or where you come
from.  We firmly believe Jesus is the greatest change agent of all time.  He is constantly
recreating people.  This means people in The Fellowship are often changed through
seeking Christ together.  Over time we have observed some people come to The
Fellowship with an axe to grind, or a desire to take leadership. It should be clear we are
not interested in these things.  Our singular goal is to seek Christ together as a
community and follow him.  While we don't care where you come from, we do care where
you are going, especially spiritually.

OK. You are intrigued but what does it really look like when we meet?  No meeting is just
like the last one.  As a general idea our meeting have at least three parts.  Food, Seeking,
and Prayer.  We begin each meeting with a meal.  We often share how God is working in
our life while we are eating.  After we eat we spend time seeking Jesus together.  This
time is started by listening for the lord and talking to him as if he were in the room
physically and may include prayer, scripture, or teaching.  Then we share prayer requests
and pray for each other.  We keep a prayer journal and will be checking to see how and
when God answers.  We try to answer a few more questions on our
FAQ page.

If you are interested in The Fellowship please get in touch using the
contact us link or our
facebook page!