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The mission of the farm is simple: #feedpeople.  

Our goal is to provide fresh local produce to people at little or no cost. We do this through
selling a portion of our produce at the
Nixa Area Farmer's Market, our mobile farmer's
markets, donating to
Least of These food pantry in Nixa, and donating to the Nixa Senior
.  Least of these serves over 800 families a month and the Nixa Senior Center provides
lunch to about 120 individuals a day at their location and through delivery of meals on
wheels to homebound seniors.  We currently only provide a small portion of the food these
organizations provide to people.   We hope to continue to provide more as we grow and
eventually serve people in a larger area!

Our farm is located at 2289 Landers Road in Nixa, Missouri.  Right now we are renting the
land for the farm.  We may be able to purchase land at some time in the future, but we are
happy with the land we rent for the foreseeable future.

Right now we focus on "garden crops."  These are basic table foods like zucchini, tomatoes,
and cucumbers.  We are also started a fruit tree orchard which should start producing a
harvest by 2017.  In the spring of 2015, we started a small berry orchard with blackberries
and blueberries.  We hope this small berry orchard on the farm will become a "you pick"
orchard as a way to help fund the farm.  In the summer of 2015 we built our first
greenhouse.  In addition to the greenhouse we now have a high tunnel and potting shed.   
These structures expand our growing season.

This year we are focusing on transitioning to growing most of our crops in raised beds.  A
completed 12x3 foot bed costs about $150 to build.  These beds are vastly superior for many
reasons.  We consistently see a larger, better quality harvest from our beds.  We hope to
build as many as 50 of these beds in the coming years.

There is currently no paid staff at the farm and volunteer support is vital.  There are many
ways people can help.  There is a lot of work that goes into growing food.  We are always
looking for help working on the farm.  If you have the time then we have a job for you!  You
can also check
here to see current list of needs and wants.  

The farm mostly survives on donations.  Normal operating costs of the farm are about
$5000.00 for the year.  We sell some of our produce at the Nixa Area Farmer's Market and we
set up a mobile farmers market in low income communities and sell produce at reduced
rates. The proceeds from all purchases are used at the farm to continue to grow and feed
people.  Right now the majority of our funding comes through donations received by
individuals and companies who are interested in helping us accomplish the mission of
feeding people.  We also apply for grants from different civic and charitable organizations.  
We are very grateful for the support from the Nixa Community Foundation for the grants we
received in 2014 through 2016.

Our corn maze opened in the Fall of 2017.  As we grow we hope this fun activity will help
fund the work at the farm and provide some a great adventure for people in the community.

Since the farm was started on
June 8th, 2014  we have grown about 16,000 lbs of food.  
5,200lbs just last year.  Our goal is to grow 10,000 pounds of fresh produce to feed people
every year.  The only thing holding us back from reaching this goal is funding.

here to see a short promotional video we produced for the Give Ozarks fundraising
campaign in 2017!

If you or a group would like to volunteer time at the farm please get in touch using the
contact us page!   If you just want to tour the farm, then contact us to arrange a tour.  We
love visitors! If you want to donate funds, please use the
donate page to find out how.
Family Through
Faith Farm
We are all family through faith in Christ Jesus
~ Galatians 3:26
Community Foundation for their support
via grants in 2014, 2015, and 2016 totaling
$6400 towards projects at the farm!